The Reality of the Frontline Workforce

Across industries, frontline managers spend 30 to 60 percent of their time on administrative work and meetings, and 10 to 50 percent on nonmanagerial tasks (traveling, participating in training, conducting special projects, or undertaking direct customer service or sales themselves). They spend only 10 to 40 percent actually managing frontline employees and much less time coaching their employees.

To unlock a team’s abilities, a manager at any level must spend a significant amount of time on motivating teams using these key coaching disciplines:

  1. Drive for Results
  2. Focus on Critical Work Behaviors
  3. Provide High Levels of Positive Feedback to Reinforce Behaviors
  4. Willing to Confront Poor Performance
  5. Have a System for Noticing What People are Doing
  6. Support (serve) and Develop People
  7. Create Purpose by Linking Work and its Impact on Organizational Performance

“Turn Your Frontline Managers into High-Performance Coaches”

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