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Our mission is to increase retention, improve organizational performance and unleash team potential by transforming your managers into high-performance coaches so your people will WANT to stay.

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Let us TRANSFORM your leaders NOW, so they gain the skills to coach effectively, to meet the needs of the changing generations within the workforce.


By 2025, 75% of our workforce will be made of millennials (Gen Y and Gen Z)

We need to prepare them NOW. According to a Gallup Research paper titled “How Millennials Want to Work and Live” they are recommending leaders and organizations focus on making critical cultural changes called the “Big Six”.

The Required Change in Leadership:
The Big Six

Present & Future
My Boss
My Coach
My Satisfaction
My Growth
My Review
My Ongoing Conversations
My Weaknesses
My Strengths
My Paycheck
My Purpose
My Job
My Life

YOU hold the pivotal role!

The first part of the coaching journey is to realize that all people leaders (that includes you!) hold the pivotal role in influencing their team’s performance.  Your team’s motivation towards results is dependent on the day-to-day actions and conversations you choose to undertake with your staff. 

Millennials Engaged
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Millennials Are “Checked Out”

Not Engaging Millennials Has a Huge Impact


What percentage of managers do YOU think are classified as effective leadership coaches?


Which means...

8 out of 10 managers are ineffective coaches!

Managers and leaders struggle with and often do not receive feedback on whether they are effective at coaching their direct reports and teams.


Managers and leaders tell us they don’t know:


The success of your organization relies on frontline managers being effective coaches. Research shows us that 8 out of 10 managers are ineffective coaches and ineffective coaching is twice as detrimental to performance and productivity.

We can help you solve this!

Improve Organizational Performance

7 Disciplines of High-Performance Coaching

First Discipline Drive for Results

Drive for RESULTS

Second Discipline Focus on Critical Work Behaviors

Focus on Critical Work BEHAVIORS

Third Discipline Provide High Levels of Positive Feedback to Reinforce Behavior

Provide High Levels of Positive FEEDBACK to Reinforce Behavior

Fourth Discipline Willing to Confront Poor Performance

Willing to ADDRESS
Poor Performance

Fifth Discipline Have a System for Noticing What People Are Doing

Have a SYSTEM for Noticing What People are Doing

Sixth Discipline Support (Serve) and Develop Your People

SUPPORT (Serve) and Develop Your People

Seventh Discipline Create Purpose by Linking Work and Its Impact on Organizational Performance

Create PURPOSE by Linking Work and its Impact on Organizational Performance

How it works

Components of our High-Performance Coaching System


StellaHP Analytics Center

Online survey and analytics to measure and benchmark coaching performance


StellaHP Coaching Center

Live, interactive coaching and coaching resources


StellaHP Tutorial Center

Online learning with comprehensive, easy-to-follow modules and coaching support

Success Stories

Customer focused
Value oriented
Quality obsessed
People centric
Passionate About Inspiring Others

Coaching Center Team!

Craig Coldstream ​

Meet Craig

Originally from New Zealand, Craig moved to the US after marrying his wife who originates from Boston. Craig has 25+ years leading teams across diverse organizations with a focus on “Drive for Results” and performance improvement across people, process, technology, systems and risk. He has particular interest in leadership coaching to improve engagement, motivation and performance behaviors.

Craig has an MBA, BBS (accountancy) and is actively helping an organization or team improve performance somewhere. 

Mal Winnie

Meet Mal

Mal is a highly respected and sought-after trainer, facilitator, key-note speaker and high-performance coach. He is driven by getting real world practical results for his clients that deliver a significant return on investment. 

Mal has outstanding success across NZ delivering high-performance coaching across the public and private sectors. He has also worked across high performance sport in NZ with international acclaimed teams such as the All Black’s Men’s and Women’s 7’s team.

Lisa Moriarty

Meet Lisa

Lisa’s career journey spans 25+ years in various Information Technology roles. Her experience as a leader, trusted advisor and mentor makes her highly skilled at coaching individuals and teams.

She believes everyone can excel when given practical tools and techniques and has a natural talent for shifting mindsets and behaviors so you can begin seeing results immediately.

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