“Stellahp’s Measurement Approach”

  1. “Measure What Matters” – Focus on your core delivery, priorities, people, process and systems that move the performance needle.
  2. “What Gets Measured Gets Done” – Active measurement always promotes focus and activity. There are less places to hide.
  3. “Can’t Fix What You Don’t Measure” – Low performance, bottlenecks, backlogs and risk is often hidden or never addressed when there is little or no measurement.
  4. “Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure” – Patterns, trends, forecasts, positive, corrective and guidance feedback is difficult to uncover and manage without measurement.

Key Benefits

  1. Unlocking your leadership and your team’s potential to maximize their performance by establishing Drive for Results as a way of doing business.
  2. Embedding a function that improves discipline using relevant, accurate and timely visualized data to reinforce, correct and guide behaviors that promote performance improvement.
  3. Empowering team members to improve performance through greater situational awareness, measurement and alignment of organizational objectives.

Stellahp’s Measurement process

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