“Stella High-Performance Coaching Achieves Sustainable Leadership and Organizational Performance”

Coaching for High-Performance: The techniques of our leadership system are based on well- established principles of behavior, resulting from over 75 years of scientific research and 35 years of practical application. Our coaching approach reinforces, corrects and guides behaviors to achieve performance outcomes. To further clarify, performance is the outcome of applying ability and motivation to a job or function.

Our proven coaching platform covers the tools and techniques to coach effectively, including a system to survey, track and record coaching activities.

The core of our platform uses StellaHP’s 7 disciplines of effective leaders:

1. Drive for RESULTS

2. Focus on critical work BEHAVIORS

3. Provide positive FEEDBACK (praise) to reinforce behaviors

4. Willing to CONFRONT poor performance

5. Have a SYSTEM for noticing what people are doing

6. SUPPORT and develop people

7. Create PURPOSE by linking work and its impact on organization performance

Coaching for High Performance are the actions and processes to support an individual or team to perform their job or function to the very best standard and remain motivated to continue.

Everything we do links back to the 7 disciplines of effective leaders and the coaching approach below:

Reinforce behavior to encourage staff to keep doing what they do really well

Correct behavior to get staff back on track

Guide staff to identify solutions to their problems

COACHING PERFORMANCE EQUATION: performance = ability (skill) x motivation (effort).

Performance is the process of performing a job or function.

Coaching is about inspiring individuals to change behaviors and in return increase performance. It is helping an individual or team reach their full potential

Coaching in the workplace was introduced by Timothy Gallwey, a Harvard Educationalist and tennis expert coach. He threw down the gauntlet with his book entitled “The Inner Game of Tennis”. A classic guide for anybody who wants to improve their performance in any activity.

Coaching is a term that in the past we have used exclusively in a sporting context. However, coaching is a critical attribute (skill) to any leadership, manager or mentorship role. Most sports teams and sporting individuals have a coach. It is critically important to their success. A good coach is invaluable in relation to behavior change and performance improvement.

Ask – Don’t Tell: Coaching works on the philosophy of “asking” people questions so they can solve their own issues, rather than telling them what to do. The quality of your questions will influence the quality of their learning…

Telling unmotivated people what to do, will only ever get you one result“Frustration”.

In a 2016 study, McKinsey & Company found that frequent, positive reinforcement feedback motivates employees to be:

22% more productive

39% more committed

42% more likely to feel they are in the right job

58% less likely to look for a better job

82% more likely to improve their performance

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