How to Utilize Performance Appraisal Phrases for Employee Retention

It’s that time of year again! Time for performance appraisals. If you’re not sure what to say, or you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our list of performance appraisal phrases. From “meets expectations” to “exceeds expectations”, we’ve got you covered.

Why you need an effective employer retention strategy

Finding and retaining good employees is one of the most effective ways to ensure success for your business. A sound employee retention strategy encourages employee satisfaction and commitment, resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability. By providing well-paid salaries, incentives, reasonable working hours, and a positive work environment, you can create an environment that makes employees feel valued, energized, and engaged. If a company wants to succeed long-term, developing a creative employee retention strategy should be a top priority.

Performance appraisal phrases

Performance appraisal phrases are an effective way to evaluate and recognize an employee’s performance. Positive phrasing helps to encourage and motivate employees, while also helping to identify areas where they might need additional support or development.

Examples of positive performance appraisal phrases include:

  • Consistently meets or exceeds expectations
  • Proactive and takes the initiative
  • Demonstrates strong organizational skills
  • Handles multiple tasks in a timely manner
  • Effectively communicates with coworkers, managers and customers
  • Positive attitude and collaborative spirit
  • Solves problems quickly and autonomously
  • Is reliable and dependable
  • Is a leader and mentor to others.


The not-so-good phrases

Performance appraisals are about more than just the positive aspects of an employee’s work. It’s important to be honest and direct when offering constructive criticism, in order to help employees identify areas for improvement. Examples of phrases that could be used for constructive performance appraisals include:

  • Does not consistently meet expectations
  • Is too reliant on others for assistance
  • Struggles with time management
  • Appears disengaged from work tasks
  • Has difficulty following through on commitments
  • Lacks focus and organization skills
  • Exhibits a negative attitude towards coworkers
  • Needs to improve communication skills
  • Fails to take initiative.

The bottom line – Performance appraisal phrases should provide an honest, objective assessment of an employee’s work. By utilizing both positive and constructive phrases, employers can effectively identify areas where employees need improvement while also recognizing their successes. Through this process, employers can ensure that they are fairly evaluating their employees while developing a better, more productive working environment.

The bad side

We could all use a little positivity in our lives – especially when it comes to employee retention strategies. Unpopular as it may be, it’s important to not ignore the bad side of employee engagement and retention. Taking a proactive approach to addressing employee problems helps infuse faith within the work environment and ensures employee issues are treated with respect and sincerity. Ignoring the issue by pretending that everything is sunshine and roses won’t cut it. By inviting constructive criticism, companies are able to strive for better employee satisfaction, loyalty, and morale overall – providing practical solutions to what might have been deemed ‘the bad’.

How to improve

Improving employee retention means having a solid strategy. Keeping both current and potential employees in mind, planning should include ways to provide not only competitive salaries and employee benefits but also meaningful opportunities for ongoing learning, collaboration and growth. Additionally, creating and nurturing a healthy workplace culture that values employee contributions is essential for employee satisfaction which will finally lead to employee retention. With the right employee retention strategy, employers can successfully create an environment where employees feel motivated to stay at their job and continue helping the business succeed.

It’s important for businesses to develop a comprehensive employee retention strategy that not only focuses on providing competitive salaries and benefits, but also creates an environment where employees feel appreciated, valued, and motivated. By actively engaging with employees through ongoing performance appraisals and creating opportunities for growth, employers can establish a work culture of positivity, collaboration, and loyalty – which in turn will lead to improved employee retention. With the right approach, employers can ensure their business is successful and employees are satisfied with their jobs.

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