“Drive for Results Regardless of Your Working Environment”

“Drive for Results is a critical discipline for effective leadership and organizational performance”

Drive for Results is the important first step in any leadership program and can be established or enhanced regardless of your industry, operating cycle, business function or business size. The benefits are two-fold, as you can implement drive for results into any learning, development, engagement, culture, HR or performance initiative and then progress with our coaching leadership system to improve performance behaviors. This agile approach will ensure you achieve the full benefits of our leadership coaching platform.

The techniques of our leadership system are based on well-established principles of behavior, resulting from over 75 years of scientific research and 35 years of practical application. Our coaching approach reinforces, corrects and guides behaviors to achieve performance outcomes. To further clarify, performance is the outcome of applying ability and motivation to a job or function.

Our proven leadership coaching platform covers the tools and techniques to coach effectively, including an online Drive for Results template to track and record leadership coaching activities.

Drive for Results is the first course in a seven course learning program that cover core disciplines of effective leadership. Each discipline is outlined below so you can quickly grasp how they fit together, including the benefits and outcomes you will achieve after completing each course.

StellaHP’s 7 Disciplines of Effective Leadership

  1. Drive for results
  2. Focus on critical work behaviors
  3. Provide positive feedback (praise) to reinforce behaviors
  4. Willing to confront poor performance
  5. Have a system for noticing what people are doing
  6. Support and develop people
  7. Create purpose by linking work and its impact on organization performance

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